"Inexplicable move at DC Fire & EMS"

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The following has been printed with express permission from Tom Bridge, editor-in-chief of the popular Washington blog We Love DC. We'll miss you, Pete. /RL ————— Late yesterday, it was revealed that longtime DC Fire & EMS public information officer Pete Piringer, the name behind the amazing @dcfireems, had been shuffled around in a personnel […]

Define "transparent."

I believe the Mayor's office has been spending more time than necessary digging through dictionaries. I believe that there was, at one time, a Merriam-Webster Task Force assigned day and night (on forced overtime) to suss out and nail down that one word that defined the administration. And I believe that Julian Assange hijacked the […]


A friend of mine recently directed my attention to a blog written by a third-year  internal medicine resident at a hospital "somewhere in a big city" (he's successfully managed to keep both his personal information and location anonymous). Reading through his stories has the remarkable ability to both boil my blood and make me laugh […]

Devastation in D.C. – structure toppled, debris everywhere [photos]

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Fox News has alerted us to these shocking on-the-spot photos of our nation's Capitol right now.   We thank all of our friends and family across the nation for praying for our panicked city as we fight gridlock, oppose rationality, and embrace sensationalism. We shall rebuild. We shall re-organize aisle four. And a city of […]

Metro, lately.

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Recent news of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial opening later this month in D.C. started me thinking about our Metro system.


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As the radio crackled to life, sputtering forth the first clear transmission I could hear in several minutes, I stared at the black plastic clipped to my lapel in incredulity. Shouldn't we move off this rickety-ass dock before th— [FLOOOOSH] The fireboat brought my firefighting gear from hot and dry to wet and swampy in […]

Excessive habits.

*Note: Patient is stated to be 350LB* Ugh. The text glowed white on a black background, eliciting inward consternation and outward groans for my partner and myself. As Medic 19 lumbered up Georgia Avenue, I clicked "enroute" on the computer and flipped it closed. We had been fitfully trying to get back for lunch, but […]

"The Lost Art of Firemanship" – an excerpt.

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I was recently digging through the supply closet at the firehouse when I came across this withered citation in a battered frame. I had seen similar items littering the walls of other firehouses, but I had never paid much attention to them—nearby, the proudly-snapped photos of big fires and grinning, smoke-stained crews always proved to […]

Andy Fredericks Training Days – Updated!

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The first day of the Andy Fredericks Training Days was a great success! The largest group ever to attend the annual three-day conference arrived at the communal breakfast buzzing with energy and brotherhood despite the early hour.

High spirits and well wishes.

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It's been a busy several weeks, both personally and for the guys at work; Firefighter Ryan remains in the ICU at the Washington Hospital Center's Burn Unit, continuing his rehab and treatment for injuries sustained on April 8th in a fire in Northeast D.C. Not only have members of the DC Firefighters' Burn Foundation been […]

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