Coast gear review follow-up: trial by fire.

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“Well, shit, I guess we should mask up for this one.” I could barely hear the Lieutenant’s voice from the front of the fire engine; with the Q siren, the air horn, and all the radio chatter from the first- and second-due companies, his voice was almost imperceptible. A quick glance to the left out […]

Man in Kentucky decides to visit firehouse; manages to leave memories, rather than take them.

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This is clipped directly from Gawker, as I could see no other way to explain this story or offer any further commentary. There are just no words.  Except, perhaps: "…seriously?" Man in Kentucky Arrested for Breaking Into Firehouse, Allegedly Masturbating On Firemen’s Gear  Taylor Berman Last weekend, 27-year-old Nicholas Gonzales got drunk in Louisville, Kentucky. Then, […] brings DC's NYE staffing fiasco to the attention of hundreds of thousands.

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A source provided me with the following email, sent to the subscribers of (a for-profit organization that seeks to "empower anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns for social change.") As reported by NBC on 9 February, Durand Ford, Jr. received an almost $800 bill for Emergency Medical Services from the District, even […]

Gear Review: LED flashlight and pocket-knife, courtesy of COAST.

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Happy New Year to everyone… here's to a safe and exciting 2013! I'm starting my year off nicely; you gotta love getting some new gear to use and abuse on the job, right? I've been offered an opportunity to test out an LED flashlight and a pocketknife from COAST, a Portland, OR -based company who […]

My latest "why didn't I think of this?" moment.

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Sure, it's not as multi-function as some items (remember the Bowring Fire Tool?). It's not as gadget-y as a newfangled door chock design. Hell, it's not even as DIY-and-practical as some of the widgets on VentEnterSearch's "What's In Your Pockets?" page. But it's damned cool, and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it first. […]

The return of BURN

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I've been enjoying a bit of time off from work lately, so I've been thinking a lot but unfortunately have not been exposed to too much industry news lately. Normally, bullshitting with the fellas (i.e. the oldest tradition in the fire department) is my news source, along with my cohorts on Either way, it's […]

Not your typical "politicians under fire" story.

(Not sure how I missed this one from over a month ago, but here it is anyway. Thanks to Reddit's /r/firefighting page for helping me out!) Erin Cox, of The Baltimore Sun, covered a "Fire Ops 101" course in late September in Maryland's Anne Arundel County. The purpose was to put council chairs and other […]

Capital Shield 2013 Drill

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I was fortunate enough to be working on Wednesday, October 11th, when the U.S. Army hosted a wide variety of agencies and organizations to take part in the Capital Shield Drill—in no other location than our very own DCFD Training Academy in Southwest Washington. As you can see by the image below, the Technical Rescue […]

OMG 911 plz h3lp meeeeee LOL!

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My wife brought something to my attention the other day that made the color drain from my face. I began to research it, and this sensation transformed into sheer terror. According to Urgent Communications Magazine online, Durham, NC has officially made texting 911 a reality. Yes, that's right. Texting. Holy shit. How this escaped my […]

Some fresh work.

Now there's something you don't see on every run. As my helmet cleared the front of my face and plopped onto my noggin, I could make out a figure frantically waving his arms like spastic semaphore in the middle of the street. Between the intermittent strobe of the lights and the irregular air horn blasts, […]

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