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How does Santa bring YOUR presents?

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I’m off to the first of many holiday parties this weekend. While the holiday season brings its own issues for fellow street providers and our clientele alike, I feel that my FireEMSBlogs compatriots will be more than adequate in offering their own tales of responding in inclement weather, fires caused by Christmas tree lights, hilarious […]

Shanghai apartment fire: simply amazing photos.

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In this photo released by China’s Xinhua news agency, spectators watch an apartment building on fire in the downtown area of Shanghai on Monday Nov. 15, 2010. (AP Photo/Xinhua); via The Big Picture. N.B. – in order to give due respect to’s The Big Picture, higher-resolution images will not be made available on RaisingLadders. […]

The SCBA revolution

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Thirty pounds. That’s a well-packed office bag, complete with laptop, paperwork, power supplies, etc. It’s a couple of grocery bags, gathered in a bundle to save a last trip from the car to the kitchen.

The new Resusci-Annie is more than okay, guys. She's damn fine.

Q: “Annie, Annie, are you okay?” A: Hell yes she is. I present to you: Super Sexy CPR (also coming in June, Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts! Main link here, slightly NSFW). If they could have made a year-long paramedic course as riveting as the following video, I’m certain I would have entered academia to study […]

The Raising Ladders video made it the final round!

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Yes, it’s true… out of well over a thousand videos, mine was selected as one of the final fifty contenders. I’m very grateful to FireCritic (as well as Captain Wines of Roanoke City Engine 9, who originally passed it on to FireCritic) for plugging my video on his site; all that remains until the contest […]

Nikon Festival: Video Submission

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I’ve just completed and uploaded my official submission for the Nikon Festival “A Day Through Your Lens” competition (this might explain the absence from blogging for a bit, eh?) In keeping with contest rules, I’m not supposed to upload the video anywehere for public viewing except through the contest website, so I’ll just have to […]