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Andy Fredericks Training Days – Updated!

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The first day of the Andy Fredericks Training Days was a great success! The largest group ever to attend the annual three-day conference arrived at the communal breakfast buzzing with energy and brotherhood despite the early hour.

Photo Contest / Fredericks Training Days

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I’m extremely pleased and quite proud to announce that my photo submission for the 2011 Andy Fredericks Training Days was selected as the winning entry! We received dozens of submissions featuring photographs from all over the country.  In the end the photo we choose came from Alex Capece who is a firefighter in nearby Washington, DC and […]

one city block

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“Victim, if you can hear me, keep tapping on something!” It started slowly, almost imperceptibly. I pressed the headphones tighter to my head with one hand and turned the volume up. tap… tap… tap… It was definitely there, and it was clear as day. tap… tap… tap… Whoever was under the rubble had heard us, […]

The Super Sexy CPR team is at it again…

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Personally, I’m partial to the first one.

APEX 2010

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The fuselage tore through the airport’s chain-link fence like tissue paper.

Building Walkthroughs: How Thorough Are Yours?

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Last tour, the engine went on a walkthrough of a new building in our second-due area: 2323 Pennsylvania Ave, SE. I humbly offer my writeup of our exploration of the building, and ask that readers contribute their thoughts. What questions would you have asked that I missed? Any other details you’d want to know, reading […]

The SCBA revolution

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Thirty pounds. That’s a well-packed office bag, complete with laptop, paperwork, power supplies, etc. It’s a couple of grocery bags, gathered in a bundle to save a last trip from the car to the kitchen.

A physics nerd's take on technical rescue.

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Today was certainly no exception to my eager thirst for geeky science stuff.

Trench drill; or, playing in the mud for fun and profit.

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One of the unique things about being assigned to Engine 15 is the occasional need to support Rescue Squad 3 in their technical area of expertise: trench and collapse rescue. We’re expected to know more than the average bear about the various tools and concepts within the scope of these topics, and to be able […]

The new Resusci-Annie is more than okay, guys. She's damn fine.

Q: “Annie, Annie, are you okay?” A: Hell yes she is. I present to you: Super Sexy CPR (also coming in June, Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts! Main link here, slightly NSFW). If they could have made a year-long paramedic course as riveting as the following video, I’m certain I would have entered academia to study […]

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