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Two Attitudes.

Yes, I know, I’ve held off on posting for a long time due to the social media policy our administration was holding people to. It was a difficult road to navigate—but I realized that if I don’t write this stuff down, it’ll be lost forever. And I definitely don’t want that. So after a number of internal […]

The Sitting Room: New additions

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The first question is very specific: “Is anyone on the list [of recently graduated recruits] being assigned here?” The next question is more general, and includes an air of devilish curiosity: “So, what’ve you heard about them?” It happens to everyone, I suppose. From our first few days in the Academy, stories began to compile and […]

The Sitting Room: Space Exploration and You.

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“Damn, first they crashed two hunks of metal into the moon, and now they’re launching another rocket? Why in the hell is this worth spending money on? Going into space in the sixties and seventies didn’t do anything for us except make us proud that we beat the Russians, and it’s not going to do […]