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A consulting gig on 15th and East Capitol, NE.

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4:06 a.m. – Engine 8 is dispatched on a single-engine local alarm for smoke in the area. 4:15 a.m. – Everyone else is dispatched to deal with what they found. A great video clip can be found at this link; credit to Vernard Green on Medic 8 at the time. (As usual, click for full-size […]

The Best Camera.

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You know what they say… the best camera is the one that’s with you.

Photo Contest / Fredericks Training Days

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I’m extremely pleased and quite proud to announce that my photo submission for the 2011 Andy Fredericks Training Days was selected as the winning entry! We received dozens of submissions featuring photographs from all over the country.  In the end the photo we choose came from Alex Capece who is a firefighter in nearby Washington, DC and […]

Hockey Tournament Pictures – still up!

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They’ve been available for a few weeks now, and I wasn’t sure if all participating team members were made aware that they’re still up for sale.  Below are a few favorites of mine; if you see anyone you recognize, please let them know! The gallery collection is organized alphabetically by team, and can be reached […]

RaisingLadders Photography on Facebook, Indy, and a few other items.

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I’ve finally put together a Facebook page for the photography business; with the increasing functionality of FB’s pages for services/businesses, it’s almost like you don’t need a home website anymore (don’t worry, I won’t be discarding—I’m always wary of FB crashing and burning as it becomes too Big-Brother-esque for its own good). Become a […]

DCFD Hockey Tournament

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Quick note: I’ve been re-building my photography website and creating promotional materials for several upcoming events, so that’s been taking up the majority of my spare time recently. In a similar vein, however, I will be photographing the DCFD Hockey team’s tournament, which takes place in mid-April. Teams are traveling from all sorts of places […]

Raising Ladders Photography, open for business!

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Phew. Between work and a recent house guest, it's been a little crazy around here. From a writing perspective, the past two shifts have been kind of unremarkable, so I don't have any crazy stories off the top of my head.  However, enough interest was generated by an earlier post that I've been working a […]

Many thanks to WeLoveDC!

My interview with WeLoveDC was posted to their website on Wednesday morning. (I'd have gotten around to this earlier, but I was working that day and spent the entirety of Thursday sleeping… it was a long night.) Lots of credit is due to Katie, the interviewer extraordinaire, and also to Tom for originally picking up […]


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On the way back from a call, I often think that there were certain situations/moments that would have lent themselves very nicely to a photographer's presence. It's the potential action shots, mostly; but there are of course some interesting, compelling, and out-right ridiculous moments in this job that would most likely never present themselves the […]