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Confessions of a (former) Probationer.

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My tags: significantly more beat-up since the last time we saw them. Yes, that’s right. The title says it all; not only have I completed my probation, but I’m willing to share all the stupid stuff I did while I was in that period. Some things are more serious than others, depending on where you’re […]

Two tours, one fire.

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As I walked out of the locker room, I saw my officer traversing my field of view in a big hurry. I was on the phone at the time, and my attention was drawn to his form crossing the bay floor. i/This must be something important./i My curiosity was answered a moment later, when I […]

You know you're a probationer when:

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• You’re telling your friends where to meet up later that night, but directions to the bar include “it’s right near the hydrant on the southwest corner,” or “…it’ll be in the twelve-hundred-block of  Connecticut Ave.” • “Yes, sir” has entered your everyday lexicon, even at home. • Directions to your house have ended with […]