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Two Attitudes.

Yes, I know, I’ve held off on posting for a long time due to the social media policy our administration was holding people to. It was a difficult road to navigate—but I realized that if I don’t write this stuff down, it’ll be lost forever. And I definitely don’t want that. So after a number of internal […]

"The Lost Art of Firemanship" – an excerpt.

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I was recently digging through the supply closet at the firehouse when I came across this withered citation in a battered frame. I had seen similar items littering the walls of other firehouses, but I had never paid much attention to them—nearby, the proudly-snapped photos of big fires and grinning, smoke-stained crews always proved to […]

Thoughts on the writing process.

It’s been a wee bit since I last posted; between wedding plans, a new dog, and writing a very in-depth post that I can’t seem to find the proper way to finish, it gets far too easy to say “ah, I’ll just write that thing tomorrow.” Well, too often, this hypothetical tomorrow does not come. […]

Charity bike ride; any interest?

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A simple Google search reveals several firefighter-centric charity bicycle rides.

Confessions of a (former) Probationer.

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My tags: significantly more beat-up since the last time we saw them. Yes, that’s right. The title says it all; not only have I completed my probation, but I’m willing to share all the stupid stuff I did while I was in that period. Some things are more serious than others, depending on where you’re […]

Hockey Tournament Pictures – still up!

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They’ve been available for a few weeks now, and I wasn’t sure if all participating team members were made aware that they’re still up for sale.  Below are a few favorites of mine; if you see anyone you recognize, please let them know! The gallery collection is organized alphabetically by team, and can be reached […]

Obstacle courses; also, my farewell to The Farm.

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“Shit. Uh, Sarge? There’s no stairs back here.” We were second due on a reported basement fire, and we had seen smoke as we pulled up. The wagon had come through one of the legs in an H-shaped alley, and the house was dead smack in the middle of the crossbar. We grabbed the 400′ […]

The long-awaited Dublin Fire Brigade update!

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A voice rang out from down the hallway, with it’s owner appearing around a corner seconds later. “Hey! We’ve got a call near the Liffey! Glenn turned his head from us and cursed quietly. “Are we goin’ swimming?” he asked, tentatively. “Nah, I don’t think so.” Glenn’s head lolled back towards us with a sheepish […]

The Dublin Fire Brigade.

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Be forewarned: I have absolutely no Irish blood in me. However, given the great and long-standing tradition that those with Irish heritage hold within fire departments throughout the nation (as well as my upcoming trip to Ireland, which I’ll talk about later), I felt it only proper to craft something today about the Dublin Fire […]

"Documenting the Decade" – or, how I made the New York Times!

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A few weeks back, the New York Times website asked for submissions to be considered in their “Documenting the Decade” feature. I figured I’d toss some of my work into the ring, and two of my photographs were selected! I mean, it’s not the print version (which I’ve always wanted to be included in)—but with […]

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