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The frantic, comical waving stopped as soon as I was within a few feet of him. “She just stopped breathing before you got here… and I think she used to have a pulse, too!” That’s probably a safe assumption. As soon as MPD’s latest hero stepped from between the cars, I could see the full […]

Car vs. Tree… vs. Rescue Squad

Whap! “Keep your head down, dammit!” Even with my head safely turtled into the collar of my turnout gear, I could still recognize the voice of Truck 15’s driver above me. He had given me a sharp smack on top of my helmet as a gentle reminder that there was a large hydraulic tool nestling […]

Fakers, flaggers, and fighters.

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“Ugh… you have got to be kidding me.” On average, I say that about five times per tour. In this particular instance, I was (quite comfortably) slouched down in the passenger seat of Ambulance 12—returning from my fourth switch-out that night—when a woman ran out into the street, frantically waving one of her arms. The other, […]