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Turning Left.

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“This way! This way, over here!” I could see the frantic full-body gestures from the staff member through the windshield as I pulled off Benning Road into the gravel lot. As if on cue, radio traffic from Engine 10 shot through my vehicle, confirming CPR was in-progress. I mean, hey, it’s your golf course.  I shrugged […]

Two Attitudes.

Yes, I know, I’ve held off on posting for a long time due to the social media policy our administration was holding people to. It was a difficult road to navigate—but I realized that if I don’t write this stuff down, it’ll be lost forever. And I definitely don’t want that. So after a number of internal […]

Photo round-up

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When you abandon a bike near a firehouse dumpster, be prepared for what it may become. I dragged this bike into the apparatus bay one evening after taking out the garbage; several tours later, I found it out behind the firehouse like this. Apparently “Anacostia Choppers” had gotten their hands on it. This bike is […]

Confessions of a (former) Probationer.

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My tags: significantly more beat-up since the last time we saw them. Yes, that’s right. The title says it all; not only have I completed my probation, but I’m willing to share all the stupid stuff I did while I was in that period. Some things are more serious than others, depending on where you’re […]

The long-awaited Dublin Fire Brigade update!

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A voice rang out from down the hallway, with it’s owner appearing around a corner seconds later. “Hey! We’ve got a call near the Liffey! Glenn turned his head from us and cursed quietly. “Are we goin’ swimming?” he asked, tentatively. “Nah, I don’t think so.” Glenn’s head lolled back towards us with a sheepish […]

Nikon Festival: Video Submission

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I’ve just completed and uploaded my official submission for the Nikon Festival “A Day Through Your Lens” competition (this might explain the absence from blogging for a bit, eh?) In keeping with contest rules, I’m not supposed to upload the video anywehere for public viewing except through the contest website, so I’ll just have to […]

You know you're a probationer when:

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• You’re telling your friends where to meet up later that night, but directions to the bar include “it’s right near the hydrant on the southwest corner,” or “…it’ll be in the twelve-hundred-block of  Connecticut Ave.” • “Yes, sir” has entered your everyday lexicon, even at home. • Directions to your house have ended with […]

Random thoughts from last tour.

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Don't stick your head too far out the window to look at stuff when driving around—while wagon drivers are quite adept at avoiding obstacles, tree branches don't really count. ————— Chicken gravy is a rather unprofessional thing to find splattered on your pants as you pull up to a medical call. It's even worse to […]

We're everywhere…

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News sites, blogs, beer, wine, art, barbeque sauce, cookbooks, workout programs… The list goes on and on. Every time I look online, there's a new product/service/business offered from, inspired by, or aimed at firefighters. It's always interesting to find something new and read the "About" page to see how this particular product came about; if […]


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A page from The Writer's Block, a cube-shaped book (get it?)  full of random ideas to jump-start the creative half of your brain.  I was flipping through it the other day and found this page. "Paramedic Engine 15 and Ambulance 15, respond for the cardiac arrest…" Dammit. I haven't even done the run sheet from the […]

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