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Turning Left.

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“This way! This way, over here!” I could see the frantic full-body gestures from the staff member through the windshield as I pulled off Benning Road into the gravel lot. As if on cue, radio traffic from Engine 10 shot through my vehicle, confirming CPR was in-progress. I mean, hey, it’s your golf course.  I shrugged […]

A refreshing viewpoint.

As paramedics, myself and my colleagues in recruit school have been hearing the same story since Day 1: "Well, just because you're a paramedic, you're going to catch flak from people in the department because they don't like EMS in general." And it's true—not everyone on the job (particularly the older crowd) is keen on the […]

Flashback week, part 1.

I wanted to save this until later (i.e. a hopefully-larger readership), but I looked over it this afternoon and simply couldn't help but post it. It's one of my favorite stories from my ER days. Enjoy! —– Safe Haven "Hi, I'd like to leave my baby here." I looked up, slightly annoyed that the patient […]