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Turning Left.

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“This way! This way, over here!” I could see the frantic full-body gestures from the staff member through the windshield as I pulled off Benning Road into the gravel lot. As if on cue, radio traffic from Engine 10 shot through my vehicle, confirming CPR was in-progress. I mean, hey, it’s your golf course.  I shrugged […]

Excessive habits.

*Note: Patient is stated to be 350LB* Ugh. The text glowed white on a black background, eliciting inward consternation and outward groans for my partner and myself. As Medic 19 lumbered up Georgia Avenue, I clicked "enroute" on the computer and flipped it closed. We had been fitfully trying to get back for lunch, but […]

The Super Sexy CPR team is at it again…

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Personally, I’m partial to the first one.

APEX 2010

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The fuselage tore through the airport’s chain-link fence like tissue paper.


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The frantic, comical waving stopped as soon as I was within a few feet of him. “She just stopped breathing before you got here… and I think she used to have a pulse, too!” That’s probably a safe assumption. As soon as MPD’s latest hero stepped from between the cars, I could see the full […]

The new Resusci-Annie is more than okay, guys. She's damn fine.

Q: “Annie, Annie, are you okay?” A: Hell yes she is. I present to you: Super Sexy CPR (also coming in June, Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts! Main link here, slightly NSFW). If they could have made a year-long paramedic course as riveting as the following video, I’m certain I would have entered academia to study […]

Georgetown University EMS: a story in photos.

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A little while back, I spent a day with Georgetown University’s EMS system (officially yet whimsically known as “G.E.R.M.S”). I originally contacted their PR director because I was intrigued by the notion of an independent emergency service provider that operates within a city that already has a full-coverage Fire and EMS Department. It’s not a […]

Fakers, flaggers, and fighters.

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“Ugh… you have got to be kidding me.” On average, I say that about five times per tour. In this particular instance, I was (quite comfortably) slouched down in the passenger seat of Ambulance 12—returning from my fourth switch-out that night—when a woman ran out into the street, frantically waving one of her arms. The other, […]

We run our strips. We go home.

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Damn, I was just about to go to bed. Halfway to the bunkroom to wake up the next guy on watch, the tones went off. I shook the sleep out of my head as I spun in place and headed to the desk. I didn’t catch the dispatch, so I grabbed the printout and read […]