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Turning Left.

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“This way! This way, over here!” I could see the frantic full-body gestures from the staff member through the windshield as I pulled off Benning Road into the gravel lot. As if on cue, radio traffic from Engine 10 shot through my vehicle, confirming CPR was in-progress. I mean, hey, it’s your golf course.  I shrugged […]

Two Attitudes.

Yes, I know, I’ve held off on posting for a long time due to the social media policy our administration was holding people to. It was a difficult road to navigate—but I realized that if I don’t write this stuff down, it’ll be lost forever. And I definitely don’t want that. So after a number of internal […]

Excessive habits.

*Note: Patient is stated to be 350LB* Ugh. The text glowed white on a black background, eliciting inward consternation and outward groans for my partner and myself. As Medic 19 lumbered up Georgia Avenue, I clicked "enroute" on the computer and flipped it closed. We had been fitfully trying to get back for lunch, but […]

"The Lost Art of Firemanship" – an excerpt.

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I was recently digging through the supply closet at the firehouse when I came across this withered citation in a battered frame. I had seen similar items littering the walls of other firehouses, but I had never paid much attention to them—nearby, the proudly-snapped photos of big fires and grinning, smoke-stained crews always proved to […]

A consulting gig on 15th and East Capitol, NE.

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4:06 a.m. – Engine 8 is dispatched on a single-engine local alarm for smoke in the area. 4:15 a.m. – Everyone else is dispatched to deal with what they found. A great video clip can be found at this link; credit to Vernard Green on Medic 8 at the time. (As usual, click for full-size […]

Spring cleaning… in more ways than one.

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Good thing we now have lots of extra cleaning rags.

The Best Camera.

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You know what they say… the best camera is the one that’s with you.


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It’s a yearly thing that I notice in my gym; right around this time of year, the stations seem to be busier, the cardio room is more crowded, and the wife can never seem to find an open elliptical machine. “What gives?” I always ponder, as I turn away from yet another several-deep line in front of a station. Then it hits me, just like it always does.

Some old history for the new year.

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Inspired by an image on the cover of the most recent Capital City Firefighter magazine, I re-read the brief history posted online about the DC Fire Department.

one city block

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“Victim, if you can hear me, keep tapping on something!” It started slowly, almost imperceptibly. I pressed the headphones tighter to my head with one hand and turned the volume up. tap… tap… tap… It was definitely there, and it was clear as day. tap… tap… tap… Whoever was under the rubble had heard us, […]

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