St. Baldrick’ Support a Fellow Brother Fighting Pediatric Cancer!


As he has in years past, my fellow firefighter Rocky Baldino is preparing to buzz off his hilariously-out-of-control hairstyle for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. A little backstory:

In 1999, three New York City insurance executives decided to turn their St. Patrick’s day celebrations into a statement of solidarity for children currently being treated with chemotherapy. After shaving their heads and convincing a few others to join them in their off-the-cuff fundraiser, they coined their name as a portmanteau of bald and Patrick. One year later, they founded the official organization. Since then, the California-based charity has raised over $90 million in research dollars. Press packages are quite proud of the statement that the foundation has shaved over 144,900 heads in 50 U.S. states and twenty-eight countries.”


As we usually expect around this time of year (truthfully, starting several months ago), our coworker goes from this:


…to this:


…but with far more hair and less badass-ery.

So he’s actually quite a bit like the Wolverine wig you get at the Dollar Store around Halloween:


(yeah, that’s more like it.)

Anyways, his donation/information page is here. Please do what you can to help; this is a charity about which he feels very strongly, and he’s been working his butt off to get donations and spread the word about the organization and everything it does to help children with cancer. If you ask nicely, he might even have a few “CANCER SUCKS” t-shirts left over from years past, haha.


It’s a great bit of fun; if you’re in the area, Rocky will be participating at O’Loughlin’s Restaurant (1258 Bay Dale Dr, Arnold MD) on March 2nd.


Come out and support one hell of a cause!


  • John Struve says:

    As I read all the above I wondered “How does it work?” Are fire personnel asking for pledges from the public to be paid to this charity when the personnel have their heads shaved? The ad above was not clear to me. I will read it again. The charity is certainly a very worthwhile cause. I am not wealthy. I’m a retired firefighter and clergy/chaplain who regularly donates to St. Jude’s in Memphis, TN., but I will also be happy to help out with this organization as well with what I can afford. Wonder what my wife would do if I came home with a bald head for this cause without telling her I got the pledges first??? 🙂

  • stephen miller says:

    Great job, brethren … be bald (bold) even off the fire ground.

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