The return of BURN

I've been enjoying a bit of time off from work lately, so I've been thinking a lot but unfortunately have not been exposed to too much industry news lately. Normally, bullshitting with the fellas (i.e. the oldest tradition in the fire department) is my news source, along with my cohorts on Either way, it's refreshing to come back into the mix and see some exciting proceedings in the works. More on that later, but not before I can gather more information.



Just when I thought I'd missed it (I know, I'm a bad fireman, I guess), BURN returns! I'm traveling this weekend, so I'll catch it next week in Georgetown. I haven't read anything about it—specifically to keep myself in the dark—so I'm excited to see what Denis Leary and Tom Putnam have in store for me.


Also, don't miss out on extra footage: available for digital download are 80 extra minutes (2gb of video) that didn't make the final cut. Only $15 bucks, and it's a great way to support BURN and watch some (surely) cool stuff.

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