RaisingLadders is in the final round!

I'm a finalist in an amazing competition to become a sponsored athlete/brand rep for Foundry Cycles, a newly-minted (hah!) bicycle manufacturer in Minnesota. Their ethos is solid, their bikes are sexy, and I need your help to win! Vote for Alex Capece (use the little blue "Log In to Facebook" button if you need to, then scroll down—I'm in the Northeast division); then, feel free to read my competition profile page where they asked me a bunch of fun questions.


Yes, I know I've been bugging everyone about this, but I promise you won't hear any more about it after this month. The last time I actually called upon the readership was back in 2009, when I asked for help regarding my video entry to Nikon's "A Day Through Your Lens" competition. Remember this old video?

(Still can't embed the damn things. I think I'm just techno-stoopid.)

Earlier this month, my entry essay to Foundry Cycles' Tradesman competition landed me squarely in a field of fifteen finalists, all of whom are scaring up as many votes as they can until the contest ends on April 30th. The top prize (of which five will be awarded) is a brand-spankin' new Foundry Bicycle of your choosing and a one year sponsored rider/athlete contract. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for everyone who made the cut, and we need all the help we can get until the end of the month!


No catches, no strings, no email addresses given, and no firstborn children sworn away. All you have to do is vote on Foundry's website, but you need to log in to Facebook to do it.

The voting link takes you to the page with all fifteen finalists' pictures. Unless you're already logged into Facebook on your computer, you probably won't see little white "vote" buttons beneath our faces. No worries; just click on the little blue "Log In to Facebook" button up near the top of the page, beneath the white text. It will redirect you through Facebook and back to the page with all of us, where you will then be able to vote for whoever you want!

I've made a little infographic explanation below, if anyone needs any help. Click on it to make it larger.

Vote for me, obviously; but if you feel remiss not adding a vote to the other regions after you help me out, consider spending four more clicks of your mouse to vote down the "straight ticket" we've cobbled together (thanks to Patrick Harrington).

I know we'll all appreciate the help! Plus, some of the voting margins for these buddies above are very tight, and I'm sure they're spending many a sleepless night struggling for each and every vote. Help them out!

Many thanks to Pete Sulzer of ELAFFHQ.com and Dave Statter for helping to spread the word. I'll have more to report come April 30th, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


(Someone needs to make this in a carbon disc wheel.)

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