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Ride. Report. Repeat – RaisingLadders on Foundry Cycles

Dear readers: Foundry Cycles is a bicycle manufacturing company based out of Bloomington, MN. From the company directly, regarding their recent contest: “Foundry Cycles is looking for five brand ambassadors, Foundry Tradesmen and women, to ride our bikes and document their experiences. If you’re chosen, you’ll be given a Foundry bike. In return, you’ll spend […]

Guest Post: Risk of Asbestos Exposure Among Firefighters

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Earlier this month, the National Awareness Director of the Mesothelioma Center (out of Orlando, FL) and the team at contacted me, asking if I would be interested in a guest post regarding the dangers of working in an asbestos-rich environment, as we are sometimes called upon to do in cities with older construction. The […]

Gear Review: The Bowring Fire Tool

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Heralded as “pound-for-pound, the most versatile fire tool ever,” we set up a few scenarios and took some pictures and video footage for any interested parties.