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DCFD's presence at "State of the Department" address, and surprising reaction.

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Lt. Alvarado rallies the troops before the press conference. Firefighters utilized social networking (Twitter, Facebook et. al) to garner support and increased presence from members and non-members alike.   Members proudly wore garments with the "DCFD" logo, which have been outlawed by Department order. Uniform regulations have changed five times within the last calendar year.

Comment Cards.

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During my last tour of duty, I came across a most unusual new practice. I was instructed to present a comment card to all patients whom we encounter in the performance of our duty. Yes, that's right, a comment card—the likes of which I had only seen at my favorite 24-hour breakfast joint. Sure, we […]

2011: RL's Year in Photos

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Happy New Year to everyone—I'm glad to see that our little blue planet has made it another year without something truly awful happening, and for that I'm thankful. Like I said back in March, I'm still a firm believer in "the best camera is the one that's with you." What good is $3,000 worth of […]