Photo roundup, 1 of 2.

I haven't put up any photos in a while, so I figured it's about time for one of these. However, I'm doing two of them—this first one will be a collection of stuff I've seen/done recently, just the usual funny and offbeat items.

The second will be an end-of-the-year collection, in which I will select my favorites from all photos I've taken this year. Enjoy these below, and look forward to the big collection!


One of our more recent calls involved an occupied vehicle in an enclosed parking structure. The front was tensioned with a come-along, and Res-Q-Jacks stabilized the rear to allow patient extrication.


Talk about old-school! Found hanging from an unknown locker above one of the older firehouses in the city.

Speaking of coats, they finally fixed mine (after three years!)

Building walkthroughs—very important. Lots of new residential structures are springing up in Southeast, and we're trying to stay on top of it.

"A truss is a truss is a truss, and it has no redundancy."


I was paging through a book about September 11th memorials when lo and behold, who did I come across? Yep, that's Andy Fredericks, whose legacy lives on not only in photos and trinkets but in the annual Andy Fredericks Training Days.

"Instead of anything resembling a proper eyewash station, let's just stick a bottle of tap water on the wall. Yeah, that should do it." Thanks, hospital administrators.

This is some top-dollar stuff right here. Need to input patient information for that last medical call? So, we're fresh out of that. How about a Blue Screen of Death instead?rry

Apparently, our computers aren't the only things that crash (damn Metro buses). If you look closely, you'll see that cloth medical tape really *can* fix everything! Nicely done, guys.

Yes, that's a car door embedded in the front of the wagon.

Work crews came into all the firehouses and mounted pictures of the mayor and the firechief (one of the more intelligent things they've done was choose to have it mounted behind impact-resistant plastic).

And lastly, here's some good ol' firehouse ingenuity for ya (it's probably stronger than a wooden truss, haha).


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