How does Santa bring YOUR presents?

I’m off to the first of many holiday parties this weekend. While the holiday season brings its own issues for fellow street providers and our clientele alike, I feel that my FireEMSBlogs compatriots will be more than adequate in offering their own tales of responding in inclement weather, fires caused by Christmas tree lights, hilarious holiday shenanigans, etc.

I will, however, offer the following video I found at to bring some seasonal spirit to readers.

Even Bailout Santa knows: try before you pry! And if anyone’s an expert on getting into people’s houses, it’s gotta be him.

(Note: I am in no way affiliated with, nor am I being compensated to endorse any products on this website or any of its sponsors or media partners. They do have some cool gifts, though, if you’re shopping for a firefighter.)


Merry/Happy [insert ridiculously politically-corrected holiday celebration of your choice and religious preference here], everyone!

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