Upcoming: gear review! Plus, bonus eye-candy.

Editor’s note: Yes, I know I’m behind the times. Several other members of the FireEMSBlogs network have beat me to their own reviews of the latest line of Black Diamond fire boot, the X-Boot. However, I would be remiss if I did not take advantage of their extreme generosity in offering me gear to review, and thus I shall shortly be submitting my own writeup for consideration.

I’ve always had trouble with shoes (unrelated: also, talking to women who look like this). I have tremendously flat feet, which are additionally difficult to size due to the fact that they’re also quite wide. For the most part, boots fall into the same tricky category, and have been that way since I first bought a pair of (Galls, I think?) at age 15.

My expectations run high for these boots, as they’re credited to be a lightweight, comfortable, “all-day” sort of boot for the demanding needs of firefighters. Granted, that’s just manufacturer’s marketing copy—but then again, so is this:

These are the BlackDiamond Boot Girls. If you look very closely at these screencaps taken from their promotional video page, you may in fact see a fire boot. Here, I’ll help you out:


Black Diamond seems to have put a good deal of R&D into the comfort and fit of these boots—above and beyond the necessary NFPA requirements for structural firefighting boots. Finally, a sight for sore feet! I’m excited to see if this new technology can live up to its reputation, and there’s only one way to find out. Starting next week, I’ll be switching these out with my department-issue boots—a different but very well-known brand—for one month. Eight shifts in good ol’ Southeast. We’ll see how they hold up to the myriad of situations that we can subject them to, in both comfort and durability.

(click the image for a larger, more-readable version)

I’ll get back to you in about a month. In the meantime, enjoy more of the Boot Girls/Black Diamond on Facebook, and check out their full line of gear on their website.


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