Photo round-up

When you abandon a bike near a firehouse dumpster, be prepared for what it may become. I dragged this bike into the apparatus bay one evening after taking out the garbage; several tours later, I found it out behind the firehouse like this. Apparently “Anacostia Choppers” had gotten their hands on it.

This bike is not, as they say, adult-sized.

I heard it in Crocodile Dundee’s voice: ‘That’s not a frying pan. This is a frying pan!”

Around 2nd and Constitution Ave, a worker fell into a hole. The Squad(s) and several other companies extricated the banged-up (but otherwise alright) patient in this fairly small construction site.

We came in one morning to find that not only had #2 run two fires (an apartment, and an upper floor off at St. Elizabeths Hospital), but they had burned clean through a section of supply line.

Firefighter Baldino says, “Safety First!”…especially on medical locals, haha.

The Great Race! These four pictures are from a competition posed between the Engine and the Squad. The challenge: Run a crosslay from the wagon to the back parking lot. Run back to the wagon, grab a rack, and extend the line out the gate to V St. First to call for water wins.

He almost had him, too. Our guy’s line got wedged under the metal gate in the parking lot, so he was hemmed up for a few seconds. Unfortunately, they were so neck-and-neck that a few seconds was all his competitor needed to pull ahead.

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