Recruit Class 362 on the Fire Boat; a quick photo set.


This past Friday, I was given the distinct pleasure of accompanying Recruit Class 362 to the Fire Boat for their class picture. They seemed excited and appeared in good spirits, seeing as their graduation is just over two weeks away.

(We all remember how that felt, don’t we?)

Long story short, they seem like a great group of recruits and I’m excited to attend their graduation later this month. Keep it up, guys—you’re almost there!



As everyone boarded the boat, I heard a voice from somewhere in the crowd: “Huh. I should probably learn how to swim.”


We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day; I wish we could have stayed out longer!


The recruits had an admittedly great idea for their photo, so they all piled onto FB 1 and puttered off into the river.


I, meanwhile, headed out on the water aboard FireBoat 2.


After a little “umm… more to the left… can he back up some? uh… now can you go forward?”, we finally had it. Many apologies to Blake, the (probably) greatly-annoyed pilot on my boat… photographers can be a real pain in the ass, but he stayed patient with me.


The end result.


Many thanks to the instructors for a) letting the recruits out of their cage for a few hours and b) allowing me to come with them.


(Lastly, in true fire department fashion, what would an attempt at a nice portrait be without a shameless prankster?)


  • ADAM says:

    IF you looking for another fire boat our department has a boston whaler for sale. Like brand new only has about 6 hours on the boat motors.

    • raisingladders says:

      Haha, I don’t think I’m really the person to talk to about acquiring FD equipment, much less an entire boat. Thanks though!

  • Steve Brookbank says:

    DCFD Recruit class 316 class photo was taken on board the John Glenn Jr. in 1996.

    • raisingladders says:

      I had figured that 362 probably wasn’t the first, but my quick research into the issue proved fruitless. Thanks for that bit of history; any chance you have a copy somewhere?

  • Steve Brookbank says:

    I believe ther’s one on the wall down at the school. Last time I saw it, it was across the hall from the soda machine.

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