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Trench drill; or, playing in the mud for fun and profit.

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One of the unique things about being assigned to Engine 15 is the occasional need to support Rescue Squad 3 in their technical area of expertise: trench and collapse rescue. We’re expected to know more than the average bear about the various tools and concepts within the scope of these topics, and to be able […]

The new Resusci-Annie is more than okay, guys. She's damn fine.

Q: “Annie, Annie, are you okay?” A: Hell yes she is. I present to you: Super Sexy CPR (also coming in June, Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts! Main link here, slightly NSFW). If they could have made a year-long paramedic course as riveting as the following video, I’m certain I would have entered academia to study […]

Early morning basement fire.

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I think I’m getting sick… photos only today, with brief captions. All photos © me unless stated otherwise. /RL This was our view on approach as the third-due engine company. E15 brought the 400′ through the front door and backed up first-due E32. Photo uncredited; As you can see in the previous picture, the […]

Hockey Tournament Pictures – still up!

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They’ve been available for a few weeks now, and I wasn’t sure if all participating team members were made aware that they’re still up for sale.  Below are a few favorites of mine; if you see anyone you recognize, please let them know! The gallery collection is organized alphabetically by team, and can be reached […]

Recruit Class 362 on the Fire Boat; a quick photo set.

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This past Friday, I was given the distinct pleasure of accompanying Recruit Class 362 to the Fire Boat for their class picture. They seemed excited and appeared in good spirits, seeing as their graduation is just over two weeks away. (We all remember how that felt, don’t we?) Long story short, they seem like a […]