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Obstacle courses; also, my farewell to The Farm.

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“Shit. Uh, Sarge? There’s no stairs back here.” We were second due on a reported basement fire, and we had seen smoke as we pulled up. The wagon had come through one of the legs in an H-shaped alley, and the house was dead smack in the middle of the crossbar. We grabbed the 400′ […]

DCFD Hockey Tournament

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Quick note: I’ve been re-building my photography website and creating promotional materials for several upcoming events, so that’s been taking up the majority of my spare time recently. In a similar vein, however, I will be photographing the DCFD Hockey team’s tournament, which takes place in mid-April. Teams are traveling from all sorts of places […]

The long-awaited Dublin Fire Brigade update!

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A voice rang out from down the hallway, with it’s owner appearing around a corner seconds later. “Hey! We’ve got a call near the Liffey! Glenn turned his head from us and cursed quietly. “Are we goin’ swimming?” he asked, tentatively. “Nah, I don’t think so.” Glenn’s head lolled back towards us with a sheepish […]

Back from Ireland… pictures to follow soon!

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Alright, between unpacking, fixing my jet lag, and backing up all my camera’s memory cards, it’ll be a little bit before I can put something together about the DFB. Suffice it to say, we were treated to a great tour through the firehouse, had some hilarious banter with the guys… and I even snagged a […]

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Alex Capece

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