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Car vs. Tree… vs. Rescue Squad

Whap! “Keep your head down, dammit!” Even with my head safely turtled into the collar of my turnout gear, I could still recognize the voice of Truck 15’s driver above me. He had given me a sharp smack on top of my helmet as a gentle reminder that there was a large hydraulic tool nestling […]

Holiday Week!

Between working, traveling, cooking, photo editing, and prepping some upcoming side projects, this has been quite a week. Whether you’re eating, flying, or collecting that lovely holiday pay when you read this, best Thanksgiving wishes to everyone. Stay safe, and I’ll see you on the far side of National Food Coma Day! /RL

Where have all the fires gone?

I slung my bottle around and deposited it on the floor of the cab with a disappointed thunk. Yet another box alarm that turned out to be nothing. A heavy sigh escaped me as I slowly unsnapped my coat and climbed up to the hosebed. I mean, I’m still learning (and still bright-eyed and eager […]

You know you're a probationer when:

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• You’re telling your friends where to meet up later that night, but directions to the bar include “it’s right near the hydrant on the southwest corner,” or “…it’ll be in the twelve-hundred-block of  Connecticut Ave.” • “Yes, sir” has entered your everyday lexicon, even at home. • Directions to your house have ended with […]

10am: Area Drills.

“Uh, left on Rhode Island, right on Montana… uh… left on…” Frustrated, I looked down at my paper. There were lots of street names, copied from the chalkboard—just no descriptions of how to get there, which was the purpose of the whole exercise. It will come in due time, I suppose. I’ve been trying to […]

The Sitting Room: Space Exploration and You.

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“Damn, first they crashed two hunks of metal into the moon, and now they’re launching another rocket? Why in the hell is this worth spending money on? Going into space in the sixties and seventies didn’t do anything for us except make us proud that we beat the Russians, and it’s not going to do […]