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Fakers, flaggers, and fighters.

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“Ugh… you have got to be kidding me.” On average, I say that about five times per tour. In this particular instance, I was (quite comfortably) slouched down in the passenger seat of Ambulance 12—returning from my fourth switch-out that night—when a woman ran out into the street, frantically waving one of her arms. The other, […]

We run our strips. We go home.

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Damn, I was just about to go to bed. Halfway to the bunkroom to wake up the next guy on watch, the tones went off. I shook the sleep out of my head as I spun in place and headed to the desk. I didn’t catch the dispatch, so I grabbed the printout and read […]

Welcome to the Hivemind.

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“Holy crap! What happened to your site?!” I’ve received more than a few of these emails in the past few hours, and I suppose I’m to blame for not really explaining how this drastic refurb job came to be. Some time ago, I was officially invited to join, the new home for what are […]

The Gauntlet.

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"You should stop…" I froze in place, realizing for the first time how sweaty I had grown in only a few minutes in gear. "…drop…" I crumpled to the ground, covering my face and bashing my knuckles in the process. Come on… stage training be damned—why commit to a fall when they probably don't care […]

National Fallen Firefighter's Memorial – Live Streaming Feed!

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For anyone who is unable to physically attend the memorial ceremonies in Emmitsburg, MD this weekend, is offering live streaming coverage of both the candlelit vigil Saturday night and the ceremony on Sunday.  More information is available at the link above, or at STATter911.

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