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The first probation test.

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"Rookie! It's tiiiime!" Punctuated by the sound of the door being kicked open, Sarge strode out of the officer's quarters with a grin on his face and a taunting inflection in his voice. He was covering for my usual officer that day, and what a special day it was: time for my first ("sixth-month") probation test […]

Random thoughts from last tour.

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Don't stick your head too far out the window to look at stuff when driving around—while wagon drivers are quite adept at avoiding obstacles, tree branches don't really count. ————— Chicken gravy is a rather unprofessional thing to find splattered on your pants as you pull up to a medical call. It's even worse to […]


"Holy shit—she's having a baby!" I couldn't help but laugh; what is this, a bad movie? Get me some towels and hot water! And ring Doctor Swanson, immediately!  The way-too-excited MPD officer went sprinting past me; admittedly, I was a bit weighed down with the medical bags, but even if I wasn't, I wouldn't be […]

We're everywhere…

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News sites, blogs, beer, wine, art, barbeque sauce, cookbooks, workout programs… The list goes on and on. Every time I look online, there's a new product/service/business offered from, inspired by, or aimed at firefighters. It's always interesting to find something new and read the "About" page to see how this particular product came about; if […]

September 11th.

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The Farm: a brief introduction.

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"Weren't you guys trying to grow something out here a while back?" The wagon driver turned from the engine's pump panel and rubbed a thoughtful hand on his chin. "Yeah, we had tried growing corn out back of the firehouse… don't think it worked, though." As he turned back to the engine, I couldn't seem […]

Honoring our brothers in Buffalo.

The walkway at the National Fallen Firefighter's Memorial. It's paved with inscriptions about our nation's bravest, donated by their loved ones. The post I wrote many months ago still rings true, and I feel a twinge in my heart when I think about how much this memorial site means to so many people. This weekend, […]