Favorite posts thus far.

I was looking through some of my earlier posts today (I was trying to find one specific picture from the Academy), and I found myself having a damned good laugh while doing so. I had forgotten about some of these, but they're definitely keepers. Maybe you'll get a good chuckle out of them, too.

First Due: We're always trying to beat everyone else to the fire.

Flashover: It's just like that one firefighting movie! (Uh… sort of. Not really.)

Searching: I discovered that I cannot fly.

Spaghetti and Murphy's Law, the Engine Operations Clause: Our early attempts to not be morons.

How to stay calm, Lesson 1: Everything's okay, just breathe… relax…

Finally, Trust Your Team: What would a blog called "RaisingLadders" be without a post about a ladder?

Lots of people complain about how terrible the Academy was—"The Nightmare on Shepherd Parkway," if you will. But looking back, I realize that I had a lot of fun when I was there. Where else can you do job training that's anywhere near as cool? (It beats the hell out of a management training seminar.) 

Besides, if not for the Academy, what in the *#$@ would I have had to write about in the first place?



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