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Raising Ladders Photography, open for business!

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Phew. Between work and a recent house guest, it's been a little crazy around here. From a writing perspective, the past two shifts have been kind of unremarkable, so I don't have any crazy stories off the top of my head.  However, enough interest was generated by an earlier post that I've been working a […]


"St. E's for the building!" Chairs went flying back from the table, miraculously not getting in the way of any of the large guys sprinting towards a single door. Like some bizarre, mustachioed and beer-gutted ballet, dancers in black boots weaved their way around any and all obstacles on the way to the apparatus bay.  […]

Many thanks to WeLoveDC!

My interview with WeLoveDC was posted to their website on Wednesday morning. (I'd have gotten around to this earlier, but I was working that day and spent the entirety of Thursday sleeping… it was a long night.) Lots of credit is due to Katie, the interviewer extraordinaire, and also to Tom for originally picking up […]

Favorite posts thus far.

I was looking through some of my earlier posts today (I was trying to find one specific picture from the Academy), and I found myself having a damned good laugh while doing so. I had forgotten about some of these, but they're definitely keepers. Maybe you'll get a good chuckle out of them, too. First Due: We're […]


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On the way back from a call, I often think that there were certain situations/moments that would have lent themselves very nicely to a photographer's presence. It's the potential action shots, mostly; but there are of course some interesting, compelling, and out-right ridiculous moments in this job that would most likely never present themselves the […]


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A page from The Writer's Block, a cube-shaped book (get it?)  full of random ideas to jump-start the creative half of your brain.  I was flipping through it the other day and found this page. "Paramedic Engine 15 and Ambulance 15, respond for the cardiac arrest…" Dammit. I haven't even done the run sheet from the […]