The last week.

It's been a long week, for sure; but we only have four more days until graduation on Friday.

Attitudes range from exhausted to exasperated, but I think the common theme amongst all of us is one of excitement. You see, 74% of the class received their station assignments for graduation. The remaining nine are paramedics like myself, and thus we have no idea where we're going—we still have to do more EMS stuff before we can join an engine company. 

Let me just say that it was pretty frustrating to sit there and listen to everyone else receive an assignment while I wondered what time they wanted me back at the Academy on Monday morning.

Regardless, I'm glad that everyone knows where they're going, so they can begin learning their areas and getting to know their crew. I wish everyone the best, and I'll probably see a few of them around the city on calls!

This upcoming week should be pretty fast-paced. We've only got three days of burns—Thursday will be spent setting up for graduation—so it's going to be a lot to cram into each day. 

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  • Ray says:

    Hey, hang in there! Soon enough . . . it’ll all be worth it. Congratulations on making it through, & we’ll see you at graduation!

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