Working the angles.


Dammit. I eventually have to give this wide-angle lens back… I rented it for our class photo (coming soon), but I don't want to return it. It's way more fun to get up close and personal—although getting close enough for fire pics at a 12mm focal length is painful.


I cranked down on the Halligan bar as hard as I could, and I heard the metal around the Nader pin shear open with a satisfying crack. The door popped free, and four sweaty recruits were now able to take a break. I handed off the bar to someone else, and the door swung lazily open before wedging into the soot-filled gravel of the burn yard.

After wrenching the tool at every which angle for twenty-odd minutes, we were able to pop a door using only brute force and one Halligan bar—as it turns out, it's more finesse than raw strength. Usually one of the three Rescue Squads in D.C. take care of forcing doors if needed, but we tied in a bit of extrication with our continued auto fire training today. 


The class projects continue to roll onwards, as well; since my arrival, photography has become a fairly heavy interest within the class, so I'm focusing a lot of my efforts on class projects which will be divulged later on. What can I say; it's a blast, and there's definitely no shortage of stuff to take pictures of. 


We're all here to learn at the Academy; whether or not you choose to 
learn more than what you're taught is entirely another matter.


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