I've been thinking about this site recently, and I realized that there's more functionality that I'd like to add to RL. There's a few small things I'd like to incorporate fairly soon, like a photo widget on the side, or easier-to-use video capabilities. Additionally, it'd be great to have a ticker-tape somewhere nearby that would display all of @dcfireems's recent updates on Twitter, so that those without an account can follow along. 

On a larger scale, I would eventually like to add more full pages to the site; I was thinking a whole section for photos (user-submitted would be nice), and perhaps a forum area in the future. It just seems to me that there's more I can do to draw readers in and keep them here; the goal would be to have everyone not just read the most recent post and move on, but instead stay for a while and browse around the expanded content. I just don't want it to be too cluttered, you know? 

It's definitely a work-in-progress…

I'll be tooling around with this over the next week or so; if anyone has any ideas, please speak up! You can email me at raisingladders@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post. 

Thanks again to everyone who reads Raising Ladders; the emails from fans and my slowly-growing readership definitely inspire me to continue writing about the best damn job in the world. I'd love to see the site grow and mature, and I think the best way to do it is with your input.


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