Did you ever play "Pipe Dream?"

It was a Windows 3.1 game from 1991. The screen looked like this: 


…and the purpose was to place enough properly-positioned pipe so as to not allow water to spill out. 

That's what today felt like. This entire week, in fact, will be spent on hoses, water supply, pump operations, etc. Given the multiple permutations of hydrant locations, where the engine is coming from, types of hose lays, couplings/appliances, and other variables, it seems a daunting task to try and keep it all straight—but we'll give it a hell of a shot. As it's been explained to me, once we have the basic ideas down, we can begin "putting the pieces together" to solve the water supply problem. 

And what a problem it can be. No two situations or locations are the same, but the required end result is the same: make sure you get water to your crew inside. 


We pulled and re-racked the hose too many times to count today, and hooked up to the hydrants over and over again. Dragging all that shit around the drill yard can get exhausting, but it's only by sheer repetition that we'll be able to do this stuff in our sleep. We even ran through and around the burn building with some of our attack lines, just to get a feel for navigating with a hose line. 



This whole week should be a lot of fun. As with every new skill that we learn, I look forward to our class being competent enough to follow a single order, such as "lay out" or "throw a ladder to that window," without having to be reminded about the step-by-step process. It'll just take time, and I'm excited to see it all culminate with Burn Week. 

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