There are certain days at the Academy when we feel like we're on a trivia show—except that we're not playing for money, we're playing for the privilege of not running the Tower.

Okay, well sometimes it's not that bad. But we are quizzed on things a few times a week. They can range from departmental officers ("Who's the Chief of Planning and Policy?") to random trivia about Washington, D.C. ("How tall is the Washington Monument?")*

In fact, we've collected so much minutiae about the city that we came up with the idea today to create a chain-letter email. Each recipient adds whatever he's learned that isn't already on the list, and then forwards it on. Hopefully, we'll end up with an ever-changing Master List of things we might be asked at any moment. (Sgt. Paulson likes to justify it by saying that since we work in such a historic city, tourists might ask their friendly local firefighter for directions and/or information about certain places; and we had better be able to rattle it off without a second thought.)

I think the final collection (at least, the first revision) would make an interesting post!

* Assistant Chief Brian Lee; 555 ft, 5-1/8 inches. 


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