Photos, round 2.

In honor of yesterday's historic moment, I figured I should post a few Inauguration photos that I took while downtown (yes, I was one of the crazy people who decided to test my mettle and brave the crowds).

I'll let the pictures do the talking; no need for a photo essay here. One or two might have a caption to explain a bit of the mood or the context, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.



This was taken through the split in a fence that was about to be breached by the angry, frustrated crowd I was trapped within. Overworked police were exhibiting frayed nerves, having been constantly tasked with keeping a (somewhat) rowdy mob at bay since 4 a.m.
Various jurisdictions (Border Patrol, Secret Service, MPD, surrounding counties, etc.) were all present to help provide police presence. This one doesn't seem particularly pleased at how in the hell I got on this side of the fence (don't ask).
The standstill was bad enough that people climbed on top of the 100+ row of portable bathrooms and began making their way towards the street from an elevated (albeit smelly) position.
18th Street, walking home. It's my favorite photo from the entire day (the silhouettes are a close second).

Again, please let me know if they're showing up strangely sized or if it seems like the page is taking too long to load; I wanted to present full-resolution images (click on them) because it's always nice to see the details, but in future posts I can always compress the files a bit in order to speed up page refresh time.

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