Day 24: Tower blitz

good-news/bad-news time. Good news? I brought the camera along today, and
snapped some great photos. I’ll be retro-fitting blog posts with relevant
pictures of the academy or our apparatus, as needed. I also have some nice
atmosphere shots that provide a frame of reference for the complex that we
recruits spend so much damn time in.

Bad news? I’m
so bogged down with digging through JPGs that it’s certainly not going to
happen tonight. PhotoMechanic (the digital media organizational software used
by some photojournalists) is definitely my friend, though.

We’ll see if I
have some keeper shots in here!


The recruits
did more of the same work today. Checking out the engines, re-fitting tools,
etc. The only welcome interruption was right after morning lineup, when the
remaining recruits (only a handful) were allowed to PT if we so desired. Myself
and two other recruits devised a sickening Tower routine that had all three of
us heaving for air and clutching our sides.

First, run a
5-4-3-2-1 (as in, run to the fifth floor, run back down, then run around the
tower; then go to the fourth floor, down, around the tower… continue in this fashion
until you’ve done every floor from the top down).

Then, run a

Lastly, you’re
going to run the
half-mile course around the complex, with a hose rack (remember those big,
heavy, duct-taped hose bundles you pile on your shoulder for training?) and
in your full firefighting gear.

When we came
back around, one recruit dropped his rack and walked off. Another started
running up the Tower in a burst of inspired strength, but stopped at the third
floor and came down to recover. And the third sucked it up and dragged his ass
all the way to the top in full gear, shouting floor numbers at each landing.

(Well, I
couldn’t very well let Bill show me up, now could I?)


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