Day 15: Literature

The holiday
schedule threw me all off. I missed a few posts, but luckily (for the blog, at least) Wednesday and
Friday of last week were fairly uninteresting.

Last night, I
started re-reading a book that I bought several years ago. Called
Fire: The Making of a Fireman
by Zac Unger, it’s a non-fiction chronology of an Oakland, CA firefighter’s
trip through the academy and into the firehouses of the East Bay.

fascinating, and I’m jealous as hell of his ability to write. His phrasing is
so powerful, and I remember why I loved the book so much the first time around.
If I were to base a book off of these writings, I could only hope it would be
half as good as Unger’s.

I’m trying to
think of some new post topics. I mean, it’s good that I’m basing a blog around
my day-to-day happenings with DCFD, but I’m concerned that since something
spectacular doesn’t happen every day, the posts may become somewhat routine in
describing… well, our routine.

Perhaps I
should just hold out until the actual firefighting stuff starts, since I’m sure
that will bring all sorts of stories. Right now our classroom is filled only
with bathroom humor and protocol reviews.

As an aside, if
anyone is interested in listening to the DCFD dispatch channel (all you
whackers out there), all the instructions are on
this page, under “How to Listen.”

EDIT: Maybe it's okay that I'm doing the day-to-day chronology. I am, after all, simply recording what comes to me on a piecemeal basis. Later on, once it's all compiled, I'd be able to write a much more interesting "chapter" based off of several posts.

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  • Ray says:

    I say, keep it up. Draw something from every day. The dynamics of the group . . . what goes through your head . . . the nuances. When something doesn’t happen, make something happen. Short is okay. I look forward to reading it every day (but then, I’m biased! 🙂

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