Day 5: Anticipation.

Next week's agenda: 

1) Begin physical training. On Monday, we'll meet with a nutritionist, who will counsel us on how to eat healthy while at the academy (from the looks of 994's lunches over the past week, it appears that most have not taken this advice to heart). On Tuesday, we'll take the first of a handful of fitness assessments: pushups, pullups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run—all timed so we know our current "fitness level". The PT instructor's goal is then to push us so far beyond our baseline that we're in the best shape of our lives. Frankly, I'm excited!

2) Start our protocol reviews (for the particulars of being a paramedic in D.C.) and then maybe move to the hospital to start precepting. If we can finish all of our required calls and have the ALS preceptors sign off on the fact that we're not complete morons on the street, we can come back to the academy on February 2nd to start firefighting. Better to get it out of the way now, yes? It'll feel better after we graduate, I'm sure.

Other than that, I'm off to a corporate holiday party (what a severe change of environment, I know!) Time to relax a bit. It's partly to celebrate the first week, but mostly because I don't have to be up at 4am tomorrow! 

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