Gear Review: Blauer’s new tactical boots

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Back at it again, and under the radar with a few gear reviews. Might as well test out some stuff while holding off on the writing for a bit, no? ————— Blauer, the well-known manufacturer of duty gear (shirts, jackets, pants, etc.) for fire/EMS and law enforcement, has released a new line of footwear this […]

St. Baldrick’ Support a Fellow Brother Fighting Pediatric Cancer!

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As he has in years past, my fellow firefighter Rocky Baldino is preparing to buzz off his hilariously-out-of-control hairstyle for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. A little backstory: In 1999, three New York City insurance executives decided to turn their St. Patrick’s day celebrations into a statement of solidarity for children currently being treated with chemotherapy. […]

“Social Media Policy” How does it affect the bloggers?

Just over three years ago, I penned a post regarding how firefighters and EMS providers were landing themselves in hot water by using various social media outlets to share their antics, thoughts, or general ridiculousness (that we know is rampant in public safety, let’s be honest) with countless strangers over the internet. Every time this […]

Farewell, brother.

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Tomorrow I will don my "Class A" uniform and say farewell to a friend, brother, mentor, and fireman.  The last word seems to be the most important. Yes, I know that all those words are important—but the last one sticks out. It means more than most know, spoken by and about the right people. ————— […]

Gear Review: The Flashlight to End All Flashlights?

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This is it. The bad boy. The big mamma-jamma. "In the red corner… at over 17" long and more than three pounds with batteries… stands COAST's flagship, the HP314!" (Sound like a monster? That's because it is.) Remember the HP14 that I reviewed a while back? Well, this is his ridiculously powerful brother. The bad boy. The big mamma-jamma. […]

Musings from the back of a fire engine.

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Today was a good day, one that restores your faith in a place that has so much wrong with it at the moment.

I'm Ready For Death.

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Tonight’s patient had a look of utter calm and acceptance on his face.

First-Due History.

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  The 1900-block (1915-1927, specifically) of 16th St, SE, Washington D.C. Thanks to DCFD Lt. Chuck Jones for sourcing this and sending it my way—what a difference from what we see today! Click to enlarge, if you're curious.   At work, usually the only context within which we discuss street names is (obviously) how to […]

100 Years of Glory / installment one.

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As I sit here at work tonight, it's hard not to notice a recent dip in the morale of the Department. Of course, new administrations, new transfer lists, new protocols, and new orders from up top will happen to any agency—but it's always been in the spirit of firefighters to push on through all the […]

Huffington Post: Can D.C. do what Boston did?

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This is verbatim from Huffington Post, to preserve consistency and accuracy. (Sorry for the cop-out copypasta, but it's relevant.) My only thoughts: I would feel more comfortable if the Mayor replied with a strong "yes, we are prepared," instead of his disconcerting use of a litote. Also, with an increasing call volume, continued difficulties with […]

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Alex Capece

Washington, D.C. Firefighter and Paramedic

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Captain Scott Hetrick
Gear Review: Blauer’s new tactical boots
Interesting that BOA is from my home town of Steamboat Springs, and they didn't approach our Fire Department to do a field test or even let us know that they were working on a duty boot. Small towns are funny sometimes. Captain Scott Hetrick Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue
2014-11-29 21:26:03
stephen miller
St. Baldrick’ Support a Fellow Brother Fighting Pediatric Cancer!
Great job, brethren ... be bald (bold) even off the fire ground.
2014-02-22 09:33:24
John Struve
St. Baldrick’ Support a Fellow Brother Fighting Pediatric Cancer!
As I read all the above I wondered "How does it work?" Are fire personnel asking for pledges from the public to be paid to this charity when the personnel have their heads shaved? The ad above was not clear to me. I will read it again. The charity is certainly a very worthwhile cause.…
2014-02-22 06:20:28
“Social Media Policy”how does it affect the bloggers? | Raising Ladders
A word of caution for the chronic Facebook addicts.
[…] over three years ago, I penned a post regarding how firefighters and EMS providers were landing themselves in hot water by using various […]
2014-01-07 17:55:57
Jonny Hope
Farewell, brother.
So very well said Brother. Mike was such an awesome guy. Sure am gonna miss him and his stories. Mike touch so many people on and off the job. Mike will continue to live on in so many of us. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute with us about Mike. 
2013-12-04 21:49:48

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